What is SUPLA?
SUPLA is a constantly developing project based on an open software and open hardware enabling to build a simple building automation system allowing to operate appliances and other elements at your home or in the office.
What the latest version does?
Current version allows to:
- Operate roller shutter;
- Operate gate;
- Operate garage door;
- Operate gateway lock;
- Operate door lock;
- Turn the lights on and off;
- Control home appliances;
- See window roller, gate or door opening status;
- Monitor temperature.
What are the components?
a) Software, including:
- SUPLA-APP – Client Application.
- SUPLA-CLOUD – Server software enabling system management through Internet browser. Software will also allow communication between client’s application and executive devices.
- SUPLA-DEV – Software for executive devices.
b) Equipment in the form of executive modules.
What is the executive module?
An executive module is the device element built based on Raspberry PI, Arduino or ESP8266 microcomputer. It performs user commands, e.g. to shut off power through connecting a proper relay or in cooperation with proper driver – opens the gate.
How to start?
The easiest way to start is to run a RaspberryPI based application . Therefore, you need to:
- Sign in on https://cloud.supla.org
- Write the rbpiext01.img file on the SD card
- Modify location.txt file on the SD card (/boot/location.txt), by entering location settings
- Start Raspberry PI microcomputer
- Done
Is registration on cloud.supla.org free of charge?
Both, registration and usage are free of charge.
Where can I get help?
Sign in on our discussion forum at https://forum.supla.org and ask a question to get some assistance.
How much is it?
SUPLA is free of charge. You can use the system and sources in compliance with GPLv2 license rules.
How can I build my own module?
In order to build your own module, you need to have the basic knowledge on construction of electronic devices based on one of the platforms, i.e. . ESP8266, Arduino or Raspberry PI. On our website, you can find some ready electronics schemes from which you can easily make your own module. You can also get some support on our discussion forum available at https://forum.supla.org
Can I buy ready modules?
It is possible to buy a ready module. Please go to project’s website to see the list of places where you could purchase such modules. When you buy ready modules, you support the project!
Which system will work with client’s application?
At the moment, you can download applications for iOS and Android based systems.
Can I set up my own server?
Yes, you can set up your own server using project sources.
Does CLOUD server have to be installed outside of the home or office network?
No. You can set up your own server within your home or office network. However, in order to get access to the system from outside of your home network, you need to make the following ports available outside:TCP 443 (management though www) and TCP 2016 (encrypted connection enabling access to the system from client application).
Where can I find project sources?
Project sources are available at https://github.com/SUPLA
Can I join the project?
Certainly! J If you are interested in developing this project with us, you can write to us at supla@supla.org

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